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With so much going on and news programs covering stories from a multitude of different countries around the world in a given hour, Cork Media is looking to bring digestible, single focus news through podcasts and written word to all.  The objective of every podcast, blog or program that Cork Media produces is to make learning enjoyable, valuable and engaging so that ultimately we all feel that we have more in common than we have in difference.  Cork Media hopes to make it possible to be a citizen of the world without traveling to every country and to increase and elevate our empathy as we learn together the many similarities that unite all people




Kara Crowther
Executive Producer and Host of Citizen Cork


Previously an excellent citizen in the land of multi-national consumer product good companies, Kara is working towards living her life in active accordance with her values of accessible education, social awareness and civil engagement.  Kara has a degree in Anthropology from Kenyon college and a MBA from New York University, Stern School of Business.  She lives in Connecticut with her wife and two sons.

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Charles Dike
Producer and Audio Engineer


Charles hails from Nigeria and lives in the Enugu State, with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Working from his home studio for the better part of a decade Charles has become a highly skilled audio engineer - editing, mixing and mastering podcasts and other audio. He values humility, hard work and perseverance.

Charles is available for information on his skills and services at .


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Citizen Cork

There are over one hundred and ninety independent nations (countries) that have created delineated space on Earth's land masses and each one is home to unique cultures and peoples.  Communications technology has made it possible for news media to cover more of these countries than ever before, but how many of us have really learned more about these countries geography, culture and politics than what we learned in high school or college?  Having this knowledge top of mind for all countries is a tough ask, but Citizen Cork aims to take thirty to forty countries a year and bring our listeners the basics of the country's history, geography, culture and politics with an emphasis on the current cultural and political events and their parallels and contrasts to those occurring in the United States.  The aim is digestible, accessible, relevant and relatable content; to be able to contextualize the news story that was given only two minutes in the evening news and to feel that no matter how dissimilar a country might seem based on things like cuisine or language there are always things that we have in common.


Cork Media ~ Winter 2019